Meeting #017 – January 28, 2017

We welcomed Concordia Toastmasters to help them kick off their educational tour, “Concordia Represents” a project initiated by Beyond Words member, Giridhar Raghunathan, under the guidance of his mentor, Bonnie Mak. (Beyond Words is the place to go for advanced mentoring!)

Coordinating this project helped Giridhar complete an important CL credit. Concordia’s goal for this new program is to help educate their members as well as build inter-club relationships, while also allowing a member to achieve a CL credit by organizing the visit and encouraging colleagues to attend the target club.

Giridhar, our Toastchair, was excited to introduce our two speakers:

  • Myriam Azzi (President, Concordia TM) – CC6: Vocal Variety – “I Count Blessings” … Myriam asked for a detailed evaluation, and that is certainly what she got from the Beyond Words 3-part evaluation!
  • Gaétane Ferland – CC8: Get Comfortable with Visual Aids – “Can I recycle you or not? Hum!” … who told us about what she did with fur collected from her cat, Jasmine … too funny! Another speech completed for her 2nd CC.

We then had a most hilarious THINK FAST! Session with Topicsmaster, Artem Ploujnikov, and all that were called upon during “PowerPoint Karaoke” did an exceptional job.

Most Enthusiastic went to Gaétane Ferland and Bonnie Mak, our General Evaluator, who led a very insightful Coaching Session.

All in all, another fun meeting, and wonderful getting to know the Concordia Toastmasters members who came to visit. I wonder which club they will visit next …

Giridhar Raghunathan, Toastchair, opening up the meeting

Shahbaz Ali, Toast

Gaétane Ferland and Artem Ploujnikov, Topicsmaster

Gaétane Ferland, “Can I recycle you or not? Hum!”

Gaétane’s cat, Jasmine, the subject of her hilarious speech about knitting with yarn made from Jasmine brushings

An attentive audience

Most Enthusiastic – Gaétane Ferland & Bonnie Mak

We are such a fun bunch of Toastmasters!

About Bonnie Mak

President, Beyond Words. All-round groovy girl ... just a tad impetuous, more than a little zany! I joined Toastmasters in February 2013 and it's been quite the exciting ride ...
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