Beyond Words is an English-based advanced Toastmasters club in Montreal created to provide further growth opportunities. We are hip, we are fun, and we like to colour outside the lines.

What are some cool things to expect during our meetings?

  1. Five different short role possibilities (aka “moments”), two of which are presented by the speakers:
    • Moment of reflection
    • Toast
    • Humour
    • Interpretive reading – poetry or an excerpt from a book, play, or oratorical speech, or anything else that you fancy sharing
    • “Seize the Moment” – carte blanche … go wild, you decide!
  1. Grammarian that’ll seriously help you get rid of your crutch word usage
    • How? Come to our meeting and find out!
  1. Advanced timer
    • Find out if your introduction and conclusion are up to par, time-wise, or are just cluttering up your speech
  1. THINK FAST! Session (aka Table Topics … with a twist!)
    • Could be anything from the traditional question/answer to improv games to creative exercises, all to expand your creativity and keep you on your toes
  1. A three-part speech evaluation during our COACHING SESSION
    • Content & delivery evaluators and round-robin
    • No easy pass just for presenting a speech; the two speech evaluators decide if you’ve met your speech objectives
    • Take your contest speech for a spin with evaluators taking into account the Judges’ Ballot
  1. Like-minded motivated advanced Toastmasters with experience in
    • All levels of Pathways, including HPL & DTM projects
    • Being a club and/or district officer
    • Presenting workshops and educational modules
    • Speech contests, competing in and organizing them
    • Speechcraft and Youth Leadership Programs

Our club’s core values are:


Our club’s vision is:

To step outside our comfort zone and explore possibilities.
To empower our members to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams.
To let loose and have FUN!

Club #5468876 – Area 53 – Division F – District 61