Meeting #016 – Ready, Speak, Win! – January 21, 2017

If you’re going to have a delayed start to the new year, you might as well start it off with a BANG!

30 people attended Beyond Word’s contest prep workshop,”Ready, Speak, Win!” Thanks to our two extraordinary presenters with their fun and informative presentations:

  • Rick Chandler, 2016 District 61 Evaluation and Table Topics Champion (just two of his multi-District wins) – “Storytelling for the Win!”
  • Pierre LeBlanc, past Division F Director and judge extraordinaire – “The Judge’s Perspective”

This was followed by two heated rounds of Table Topics contest simulations (we even held a contestant briefing!)

Round 1 Contestants (in their speaking order):

If you could time travel to the future, to when would you travel, and why?

1. Azfan Jaffeer
2. Gaétane Ferland
3. David Galipeau
4. Marius Mullerhoff
5. Bob Currie

Round 2 Contestants (in their speaking order):

What bad decision led you to an important life lesson?

1. Tim Halderson
2. Todd Gaetien
3. Alireza Azizkhani
4. Raymond Brisebois
5. Michelle Christa Smith

Lots of laughs and even some tears were shed. Awesome evaluations by Rick, Pierre, and our surprise judges.

And the winners were … EVERYONE who came out to the workshop!

What you put into Toastmasters is what you get out, and it is always inspiring to see such motivated members learning, sharing, and growing together.

Good luck with your contests!

[group pics to come!]

Rick Chander, multi-time District champion, “Storytelling for the Win!”

Pierre LeBlanc, past Division F Director, “The Judge’s Perspective”

Pierre LeBlanc, judge extraordinaire

An attentive audience

Azfan Jafeer, prepping for his first Table Topics contest

Marius Mullerhoff declaring his intention to WIN his club Table Topics contest

Enjoying the moment

A wonderful group of Toastmasters!

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President, Beyond Words. All-round groovy girl ... just a tad impetuous, more than a little zany! I joined Toastmasters in February 2013 and it's been quite the exciting ride ...
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