Toastmasters Glossary

Bannering (verb): the act of putting up a Toastmasters banner in the venue, i.e. Hey, can you help me out by bannering the room?

Toastmastering (verb): the act of attending a Toastmaster meeting or any social or administrative function related to Toastmasters, i.e. I’m toastmastering tonight at Speak with Style. (Not to be confused with “I’m the Toastmaster tonight at Speak with Style.”)

Toast-hopping (verb): attending several different Toastmaster clubs in a relatively short period, i.e. I toast-hopped last week and visited three clubs, including the awesome Beyond Words one.

Toastmastered out (adj.): that exhausted but happy feeling one gets after attending one too many Toastmaster events, i.e. I’m feeling toastmastered out, I seriously need to hermit tonight so I can toastmaster some more this week.

Binge-toasting (verb): the act of attending as many Toastmaster events as possible in a short period, i.e. I seriously binge-toasted this past weekend … Friday lunch meeting, Spring Conference, then a Monday evening meeting to boot! I now feel toasted out … okay, one more, will visit McGill Toastmasters Tuesday evening too. Oh, almost forgot Wednesday’s mentoring session …

Post-toasties (noun): aka the “meeting-after-the-meeting”, this is the fun post-meeting get-together Toastmasters attend to eat, drink, and be merry, i.e. I want to join that advanced club, Beyond Words. I hear they have an incredibly fun post-toasties with great food and “bring-your-own-wine”!


Why did the Toastmaster cross the road? To get to his club meeting on the other side.

Why did the Toastmaster cross the other road? To join in on the post-toasties fun of course!

Please feel free to submit other fun Toastmasters vocabulary, expressions, or jokes.