Toastmasters helps people to improve their communication and leadership skills. The program is straightforward. Attend club meetings, follow the educational materials, and you will remark a considerable improvement in your skills. Pretty effective, don’t you agree?

You’re thinking, effective is good but now you’re ready for great. In fact, you want AWESOME! Beyond Words is the Toastmasters club that will help you to achieve this.

It’s true. Words have power. But so much more can be expressed in other ways. Let’s go Beyond Words …


There’s also power in what’s NOT said.

Beyond Words is a dynamic advanced Toastmasters club where you can play and discover. Even act silly if you want.

Create. Innovate. Explore.

Go ahead. Break out of your box. We know you want to. Don’t worry if you trip and fall, we’ll catch you. Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens!

Are you ready for the challenge?

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Club #5468876 – Area 53 – Division F – District 61