Our Members

Aamir Shamim Choudry, DTM

Dr. Aamir Shamim is a medical doctor but decided to switch his career to the health care industry several years ago. He also holds an MBA from McGill University, Canada. He works for Novartis, which is a Swiss pharmaceutical company as a Medical Director for Canada and Latin America. He started his Toastmasters Journey in Rocky Point Toastmasters in 2005 in Vancouver Canada. He has won several speech competitions and earned his Distinguished Toastmaster award in 2014. He enjoys travelling and has visited over 50 countries around the world.

Artem Ploujnikov, CC
Co-Founder (Club Sponsor), Beyond Words
Past Area 63 Director, Division G, 2016-2017

artem_close-upA technology addict, an avid traveler, a new experience seeker … and … a master procrastinator (who gets stuff done anyway). I found out about Toastmasters back in 2004 and it took me until January 2014 to finally join Speak With Style. That was the one time I regretted procrastinating. Toastmasters has helped me tremendously both with software development team leadership at work and with every other aspect of my life, from networking to event planning to partying. It has propelled my career and my life to new heights. I am looking forward to continuing my Toastmasters journey and having even more effective tricks up my sleeve … and on my phone … and then … more thrilling adventures.

Also a member of:
Speak With Style Toastmasters (Montréal, QC)

Aurore Liang, DTM, Triple Crown
Past Area 65 Director, Division G, District 61, 2017-2018

I joined Toastmasters in 2014 to develop a public speaking style that had passion and impact. Many members from the big Toastmasters family helped and encouraged me with their sincere advice to achieve my goal. As a bonus, I’ve had numerous opportunities to gain a deeper meaning of leadership skills while serving and supporting the members.

Also a member of:
Les Orateurs Distingués (St-Hubert, QC), VP Relations publiques

2019 – 1st place, Evaluation Speech Contest, Division H
2019 – 3e place, Concours de discours d’inspiration, Division G
2016 – 2e place, Concours de discours d’inspiration, Secteur 73
2015 – 1st place, Evaluation Speech Contest, Area 73
2015 – 1st place, Humorous Speech Contest, Area 73

Bonnie Mak, DTM, Triple Crown
Charter President & Co-Founder (Club Sponsor), Beyond Words
Past Division G Director, District 61, 2016-2017

bonniemak_cropAll-round groovy girl … just a tad impetuous, more than a little zany! I joined Toastmasters in February 2013 and it’s been quite the exciting ride. Looking forward to learning even more and having fun with my Toastmaster peeps, especially from this club. I don’t believe in sitting around and watching life go by when I can take it by the hand and dance! Then go out and get some good food…

Also a member of:
Dorval City Toastmasters (Dorval, QC)

2019 – 1st place, International Speech Contest, Division G
2019 – 1st place, Evaluation Speech Contest, Division F
2019 – 2e place, Concours de discours d’inspiration, Division F
2017 – 3rd place, Humorous Speech Contest, Division F
2016 – 3rd place, Table Topics Speech Contest, Division F
2015 – 1st place, International Speech Contest, Division G
2013 – 2nd place, Table Topics Speech Contest, Area 51
2018 – Toastmaster of the Year, Dorval City Toastmasters
2013,  2017, 2018 – Best Speaker, Dorval City Toastmasters

Boyan Djefersky, CC
Area 61 Director, Division G, District 61, 2019-2020

Since I joined Toastmasters in 2015, I have gained enormously in self-confidence both in my personal and in my professional life. I owe this to do the tremendously supportive and caring community of Toastmasters members who have pushed me out of my comfort zone numerous times. This experience led me to land my first full-time contract as a professional facilitator in 2016. I am looking forward to continue growing and honing my leadership and public speaking skills as a new member of this Advanced Toastmasters Club. My goal at the moment is to earn the Advanced Leadership and Communication Bronze award.

Also a member of:
Club Toastmasters HEC (Montréal, QC), VP Education

Davender Gupta, DTM, Triple Crown
Treasurer, Beyond Words 2019-2020
Division F Director, District 61, 2019-2020
Chair, District 61 Audit Committee, 2017-2018
Past Division I Governor, District 61, 2009-2010
Past Area 93 Governor, Division I, 2008-2009

I joined Toastmasters in 2005 to gain confidence in public speaking, but quickly discovered many rich opportunities to expand my leadership skills and deepen my self-confidence. My Toastmasters experience has led me to a career as a trainer, facilitator, and public speaker, being paid to challenge and inspire entrepreneurs and managers across Canada. As Toastmasters renews itself through the roll-out of the Pathways program, I look forward to a new cycle of personal growth.

Also a member of:
Club Toastmasters Ville Marie (Montréal, QC), VP Education
Executive MBA McGill-HEC Montréal Toastmasters (Montréal, QC), Co-founder

Epitace Nobera, DTM
Past Division G Director, District 61, 2018-2019
Past Area 62 Director, Division G, 2017-2018

Veteran Toastmaster, having joined in 2008, and determined to achieve DTM goal by mid-2018. Always enjoyed dual memberships with French-speaking and English-speaking clubs. I like attending Toastmasters meetings in other countries while on short-term consultancy missions. Mentored a Toastmasters club in Niger, West Africa.

Also a member of:
Club Toastmasters Expression Ahuntsic (Montréal, QC)

2016 – 1ère place, Concours d’improvisations, Secteur 7, District 94 (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)

Frank Vigliotti, ACB, CL
SAA & Co-Founder (Club Mentor), Beyond Words, 2019-2020

I joined the St-Léonard Toastmasters club in 1996. Since then I like helping members grow and at the same time Toastmasters helps me stay on top of my listening and communication skills which I need as a sales representative. My short-term goal is to present speeches based on the humour and motivational strategies. I play the keyboard in my spare time and I dance Salsa on Friday nights.

Also a member of:
St-Léonard Toastmasters (Montréal, QC)

Gabriel Duguay, CL
VP Education, Beyond Words, 2019-2020
Area 62 Director, Division G, District 61, 2019-2020

I joined Toastmasters in May 2016. I have served in officer roles, such as Treasurer, VP Public Relations, and Club President. What makes the difference is moving forward in a dynamic environment that encourages everyone to go beyond their limits. What is unique is being able to meet as many people determined to improve themselves as to help others achieve their own goals.

Gaétane Ferland, DTM, Triple Crown
Secretary, Beyond Words, 2019-2020
Pathways – Chief French Reviewer
Mentoring Circle Ambassador, District 61
Past Area 60 Director, Division G, District 61, 2014-2015
Co-founder, Nisa Toastmasters (Montréal, QC)

I am passionate about communication and leadership. I joined Toastmasters in 2010 which helped me tremendously to improve my communication skills, but most of all my leadership skills. I was a member of McGill Toastmasters for 5 1/2 years until Sept. 2016, having served in the past as VP Membership also SAA (Sergeant-at-Arms). In Sept. 2016, after 6 1/2 years with Toastmasters, I attained the highest distinction, DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster).

2017 – 1st place, Table Topics Speech Contest, Area 54

Geoff Brown, CC

Geoff believes in better thinking for better living. He is a speaker and coach specializing in the topic of cognition and the intellectual foundations of leadership – vision, critical thinking fairmindedness and intellectual courage. He organizes events, discussions and workshops that help people to change their thinking in order to live more meaningful, and fulfilling lives, and is the creator of Sophistry, the Game of Half-Truths that helps players learn to spot fake news and flawed thinking.

Also a member of:
Speak with Style (Montréal, QC), VP Public Relations

2019 – 1st place, Evaluation Contest, Speak With Style
2018 – 1st place, Tall Tales Contest, Pointe Claire Toastmasters

Gerald Champagne, CC, CL

Groovy description to come!

Also a member of:
Dorval City Toastmasters (Dorval, QC)

Hélène Vincent, CC, CL

I joined Toastmasters on May 1, 2016 to overcome my fear of speaking in public. Now, my goal is to offer excellent evaluations and present meaningful speeches. I have been SAA and VP Education at St-Léonard and am currently an officer at Beyond Words. I am self-employed as a sales agent for two companies, selling kitchen accessory products in boutiques, and am also a painter. I enjoy reading books related to human development, particularly ones about the soul. I like cycling, mountain walking, downhill skiing, and scuba diving.

Also a member of:
St-Léonard Toastmasters (Montréal, QC), President

2019 – 1ère place, Concours de discours d’inspiration, Secteur 72, Division H, District 61
2019 – 1st place International Speech Contest Area 74, Division G, District 53
2017 – 1ère place, Concours d’improvisations, Secteur 62

Ivan Mose, ACS, ALB
Past Area 51 Director, Division F, District 61, 2014-2015

Ivan is an electrical engineer by profession. Came to Canada looking for adventure in 1965. He switched careers in 2002 and after taking a building inspection course, started his own business. Ivan became a Toastmaster in 2009 at the Dorval City Toastmasters club. Has served the club in various officer roles, such as Sergeant-at-Arms, VP Public Relations, and two years as Club President.

Also a member of:
Dorval City Toastmasters (Dorval, QC), VP Education

2011 – 1st place, Inspirational Speech, Area 51

Juan Gonzalez, CC

I believe I am a dynamic, innovative, and unstoppable human being. I joined Pointe-Claire Toastmasters in 2015 to improve my communications and leadership skills to better play out my passions to the world. In 2016, I discovered a new passion, helping people to explore and to find and empower the best versions of themselves for more happiness and fulfillment. In 2017, I became a licensed coach with my deepest powerful intention to become the “Best Coach Ever” I can be. I am so glad and grateful to join Beyond Words Toastmasters, a club that promotes and supports helping each other with our passions.

2018 – 1st place, International Speech Contest, Ericsson Toastmasters

Katy Morin, CC, ALB, IP5, MS5, EH1, SR1, Triple Crown
President, Beyond Words, 2019-2020
Past Area 64 Director, Division G, District 61, 2018-2019

I joined the club Leaders En Action in 2016. Since then I served as VP-Education, President and Sergeant at Arms. After achieving CC and ALB, I finished the path Innovative Planning. Toastmasters helped me find my passion and I am now a Certified Wellness Coach.

Also a member of:
Leaders en Action (Montréal, QC), co-VP Education

Marna Murray, PM2

Marna Murray is an Independent Researcher exploring people and ideas. She presents in various venues in Montréal and the United States. Marna resides in Montpelier, Vermont and makes the trip to Montréal a few times a month for Toastmasters and other events.
She began her Toastmaster membership in 2004 in Olympia, Washington (Capital Toastmasters), then Phoenix, Arizona (Park Central Toastmasters). In both Clubs, she won various speech contests but particularly did well in Evaluation Contests. Marna returned home to Vermont ten years ago and became a member of Speak-Easies Club in Montpelier; she served as their Treasurer for three years.
In the winter of 2015, while researching in Montral, she found McGill Toastmasters and has been a member ever since. She competes in club contests there and was Co-VP of Membership in 2017-2018. She joined Beyond Word Advanced Toastmasters in 2019.

Also a member of:
McGill Toastmasters (Montréal, QC)

Marta Keller, ACG, ALB
Past Area 97 Governor, Division T, District 96, 2011-2012

I’ve been involved with Toastmasters for over 10 years. After a seven-year hiatus, I’ve returned to complete my legacy DTM.
My professional background as an environmental educator, lawyer and now running my own business has been positively impacted by the communication and leadership skills I’ve learned through Toastmasters.
I love to travel to remote locations, frolic about in nature and engage in transformational work.

Mounina Bouna Aly,  EC1

Mounina has the curiosity of a child, alway in awe and wonder for this mystery called life!
She is a student of life!
She is very rational, she was a mathematician.
She is also very intuitive, listening to the still small voice.
She has a passion for yoga and transformation!
She is now a transformational life coach, helping those with the willingness to change do so in an easy manner.
Also a member of:
McGill Toastmasters and Leaders en Action (Montréal, QC), SAA

Richard Tardif, PM3

A lover of life first, author, journalist and everything else is secondary. Favourite quote: “I am who I am, nothing more.” – Albert Einstein.

Also a member of:
Pointe-Claire Toastmasters Club (Pointe-Claire, QC), VP Mentoring.

2018 – 1st place, Tall Tales Contest, Pointe Claire Toastmasters
2018 – 1st place, Tall Tales Contest, Dorval City Toastmasters

RoseLyn Small, DTM, Triple Crown
Mentoring Circle Ambassador, District 61
Past Area Governor, Area 21, Division E, 2000-2001

“There is always more to learn, to do, to create and Time to serve. She aims for excellence and believes that growth is a necessary component in all human beings. As a Distinguished Toast-Master, her voraciousness for knowledge permits her to extend her Mentoring skills to Toastmasters at international designations. Her portrayal of a person through a written, Personal Creation is one of her many talents at which she excels; and, to assist in knowing more about the person with whom she has to work, a knowledge of Graphology is one of her tools. Her encouraging, uplifting and inspiring others to advance themselves, give her much pleasure to see people attain their PINNACLE of SUCCESS. A discussion on Spirituality will seize her attention. RoseLyn is a prople’s person!”.

Also Co-founder & Charter Member of:
St-Lazare Inspirers (St-Lazare, QC), VP Education

2016 – 1st place, International Speech Contest, Area 53

Shivashree Vysali, ACB, ALB
VP Education, Beyond Words, 2019

I come from Madurai in the state of Tamilnadu in India. I’m a Software Engineer, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I moved to Montréal to pursue my masters in Software Engineering at McGill. I began my toastmasters journey along with the chartering of my club back home – Rock the Talk, back in October 2016. Since then I have achieved ACB and ALB awards. I’ve also served as the VP-Education of Rock The Talk for two consecutive terms. I love the Toastmasters community as it provides me the chance to meet like-minded people who are incredibly supportive and motivating. Outside of Toastmaster, one can find me in my natural habitat – reading a book or watching Netflix, sipping coffee.

2019 – 2nd place, Evaluation Speech Contest, District 61
2018 – 2nd place, Evaluation Speech Contest, Division A, District 92 (Bangalore, India)

Sonia Gaona, CC

VP Public Relations, 2020
Past Area Director, Area 64, Division G, 2019-2020

Member of Leaders en Action Club since February 2017. I climbed the steps one by one! I served as VP Education and President. My arrival in the Toastmasters sphere was driven by the need to express myself and to be heard. I discovered much more through leadership. This journey helped me reveal myself to me. It seems that the month of February is significant in my ascension since in February 2020 I joined this Advanced Toastmasters Club and I am the new VP Public Relations.

Also a member of:
Leaders en Action (Montréal, QC)

Club #5468876 – Area 64 – Division G – District 61