Our Members

* Please note that club and district officer roles listed reflect the upcoming Toastmasters year 2021-2022.*

Alex McCarney (DL5, PI4, PM1 / Triple Crown)
VP Education & VP Public Relations, Beyond Words
Club Growth Extension Chair, District 61

Alex loves Toastmasters! When he is not busy with his day job or helping out his exec team and other fellow Toastmasters, he is busy traipsing around the world virtually, discovering international clubs. As a self-proclaimed “newbie” to the organization, he has happily jumped into the deep end and thrills to any speaking or leadership challenge presented to him. He particularly loves the creativity and rigour of Beyond Words Advanced Toastmasters. Join us for an unforgettable moment of passion and enjoyment at Beyond Words!

Also a member of:
DesjLead (Montreal, QC), Club Coach
Hasta Pronto Toastmasters (Ottawa, ON), VP Public Relations
Words On Wings (WOW) Club (Montreal, QC)

Bindhu Joseph (PM5, VC3)

I am a fairly “young” Toastmaster compared to others in this advanced club. As for a short intro … well, with a nickname like Enigma, I prefer to be discovered step-by-step, as I am discovering and learning about my journey as an effective communicator/Toastmaster. I consider myself a healer by choice and radiation oncologist by profession. If I were to introduce myself in an icebreaker, the title would be “The Memoirs of a Wallflower” because that would most appropriately describe my journey through life. Observing life inspires my creativity … a talent that other people tell me often that I possess though I’m not truly convinced. I am passionate about discovering myself and others! I love gourmet cooking; it’s my number-one stress buster, as well as painting. Toastmasters has played such an important part in helping this wallflower bloom and I will forever be grateful for discovering it … and perhaps also, for it discovering me.

Also a member of:
BTM Toastmasters Club (Bengaluru, India)
Kuala Lumpur Advanced Toastmasters Club (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Secretary
Bangsar Club (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Bonnie Mak (DTM / PM1 / Triple Crown)
VP Membership, Beyond Words
Charter President & Co-Founder (Club Sponsor), Beyond Words
Past Division G Director, District 61, 2016-2017

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All-round groovy girl … just a tad impetuous, more than a little zany! I love challenges and projects and delight in making things happen. I am an all-or-nothing type of person and sometimes take on more than I should … would be nice to allow myself to be lazy though, ha! I joined Toastmasters in February 2013 and it’s been quite the exciting ride. Looking forward to learning even more and having fun with my Toastmaster peeps, especially from this club. Grateful to have had the opportunity to hone my communication and leadership skills through Toastmasters and am now a professional speaker!

2019 & 2015 – 1st place, International Speech Contest, Division G
2019 – 1st place, Evaluation Speech Contest, Division F
2019 – 2e place, Concours de discours d’inspiration, Division F
2017 – 3rd place, Humorous Speech Contest, Division F
2016 – 3rd place, Table Topics Speech Contest, Division F
2013 – 2nd place, Table Topics Speech Contest, Area 51, Division F
2018 – Toastmaster of the Year, Dorval City Toastmasters
2013,  2017, 2018 – Best Speaker, Dorval City Toastmasters

Francis Rounding (DTM / SR5, EC4, EH2 / Triple Crown)
Sergeant-at-Arms, Beyond Words
Past Area 2 Governor, Division A, District 61, 2014-2015

At the suggestion of a business associate, Francis attended his first Toastmasters meeting in May 2010 at Seaway Toastmasters. He was so energized, excited, and motivated by the experience that he eagerly signed up as a member that same night. Years later, his enthusiasm has not waned; Francis is well-known in his community as a ‘Proud’ Toastmaster, persuasively and persistently promoting Toastmasters with friends, family, clients, and everyone he meets. He asserts that he has enhanced his life in a multitude of ways with his practical application of the Toastmaster principles of communication and leadership. “I have learned to listen more carefully when in conversation with other people, my family, and friends. The competencies I have learned in Toastmasters have afforded me the opportunity to be a better father, partner, friend, and businessman.”

2020 – President of the Year, District 61
2018/2019/2020/2021 – 1st place, International Speech Contest, Area 2, Division A

Also a member of:
Seaway Toastmasters (Cornwall, ON), VP Education
Manotick Toastmasters (Ottawa, ON)

Gabriel Duguay (CL / DL4, PM4, IP3 / Triple Crown)
Division G Director, District 61, 2020-2022
Past Area 63 Director, Division G, District 61, 2020-2021
Past Area 62 Director, Division G, District 61, 2019-2020

I joined Toastmasters in May 2016. I have served in many officer roles, such as Treasurer, VP Public Relations, and Club President. What makes the difference is moving forward in a dynamic environment that encourages everyone to go beyond their limits. What is unique is being able to meet many people as determined to improve themselves as they are to help others achieve their own goals.

Also a member of:
Club Toastmasters Eloquentia (Montréal, QC), VP PR
Les Orateurs Centre-Ville (Montréal, QC), VP PR
Club Toastmasters Ville Marie (Montréal, QC)
Les Passionnés (Québec, QC)

Ginette François (DTM / EC5, VC5 / Triple Crown)
Area 55 Director, Division F, District 61

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ginette-Francois_crop.jpgI’m an artist and musician at heart (harpist, guitarist, composer, and more …) I’m also a member of four Toastmasters clubs and have occupied the club officer roles of President, VP Education, and Sergeant-at-Arms.

Also a member of:

Club Toastmasters Rive-Sud (Longueuil, QC)
Les Explosifs de Laval (Laval, QC)
Online Presenters (Coral Springs, Florida)

Katy Morin (CC, ALB / IP5, MS5, EH5, SR5, VC3 / Triple Crown)
Past Area 64 Director, Division G, District 61, 2018-2019

I joined the club Leaders En Action in 2016. Since then, I have served as VP Education, President, and Sergeant-at-Arms. I have completed four paths in Pathways. Currently, I am the Club Mentor for Kanata Francophone. Toastmasters helped me to find my passion and I am now a Certified Wellness Coach and I help people who have social anxiety.

Also a member of:
Leaders en Action (Montréal, QC)

2021 – 1e place, Concours de discours d’inspiration, District 61
2021 – 1e place, Concours d’évaluation, Division G

Marna Murray (ACG / PM2)

Marna Murray is an Independent Researcher exploring people and ideas. She presents in various venues in Montreal and the United States. Marna resides in Montpelier, Vermont, and before the pandemic, made the trip to Montreal a few times a month for Toastmasters and other events. She began her Toastmaster membership in 2004 in Olympia, Washington (Capital Toastmasters), then Phoenix, Arizona (Park Central Toastmasters). In both clubs, she won various speech contests but did particularly well in evaluation contests. Marna returned home to Vermont more than ten years ago and became a member of Speakeasies Toastmasters Club in Montpelier, where she served as Treasurer for three years. In the winter of 2015, while researching in Montreal, she found McGill Toastmasters and has been a member ever since. She competes in club contests there and was Co-VP Membership in 2017-2018 and Secretary in 2021. She joined Beyond Words Advanced Toastmasters in 2019.  She returned to Park Central via Zoom and participates there weekly.

Also a member of:
McGill Toastmasters (Montreal, QC)
Park Central Toastmasters (Phoenix, AZ)

2021 – 1st place, Evaluation contest, Division F

Michel St-Germain (DTM / DL2 / Triple Crown)
Treasurer, Beyond Words
Club Growth Director, District 61
Past Division F Director, District 61, 2020-2021
Past Area 51 Director, Division F, District 61, 2019-2020

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Michel-St.-Germain_crop-1024x1024.jpgDuring my time in Toastmasters, I have learned the importance of leadership at the club level. The lessons we learn from fellow club leaders have given us the skills and confidence to help our fellow members achieve their goals and grow as leaders. My Toastmasters experience, and in particular the experience of being part of Beyond Words as an advanced club, has helped me build the skills to approach any situation in the corporate world with confidence. I invite anyone interested in being part of a dynamic and supportive club to join us for one of our upcoming meetings!

Also a member of:
Bombardier Toastmasters (Montreal, QC)

RoseLyn Small (DTM / Triple Crown)
Mentoring Circle Ambassador, District 61
Past Area Governor, Area 21, Division E, 2000-2001

“There is always more to learn, to do, to create, and Time to serve.” RoseLyn aims for excellence and believes that growth is an necessary component in all human beings. As a Distinguished Toastmaster, her voraciousness for knowledge permits her to extend her mentoring skills to Toastmasters at international designations. Her portrayal of a person through a written, Personal Creation is one of her many talents at which she excels; and, to assist in knowing more about the person with whom she has to work, a knowledge of graphology is one of her tools. Her encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring of others to advance themselves, give her much pleasure to see people attain their PINNACLE of SUCCESS. A discussion on Spirituality will seize her attention. RoseLyn is a people person!

Also a member of:
St-Lazare Inspirers (St-Lazare, QC), Co-founder & Charter Member

2016 – 1st place, International Speech Contest, Area 53

Shiva Subramanian (ACB, ALB / SR2 / Triple Crown)
President, Beyond Words
Past Area 53 Director, Division F, District 61, 2020-2021

Shiva is a Software Engineer and holds a Master’s Degree. She began her Toastmasters journey in October 2016 with the chartering of her club, Rock the Talk, back in Bengaluru. Since then, she has achieved ACB and ALB awards, and has also served in multiple roles at District 92 and District 61. She calls herself the “De-facto VP-Ed” and will gleefully step up for the role, because she just loves to constantly nag people to participate. Outside of Toastmasters, one can find her in her  natural habitat – reading huge fantasy books (Life before Death, Radiant!) or binge-watching the latest and greatest shows and sipping coffee.

2019 – 2nd place, Evaluation Speech Contest, District 61
2018 – 2nd place, Evaluation Speech Contest, Division A, District 92 (Bengaluru, India)

Trudi Y. (CC / PM1)
Secretary, Beyond Words

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Trudi-Yearwood_crop.jpgI am currently having an amazing time on movie sets; the make-believe world fascinates me, so much hard work behind the scenes. I am a creative soul … I enjoy drawing, fashion, and walking on the runway. I’m also an amateur photographer. I’ve learnt a lot during my time with Toastmasters and appreciate working on the various projects; they help me with my acting.  I am looking forward to growing more with Toastmasters.

Club #5468876 – Area 53 – Division F – District 61