Demo Meeting – May 14, 2016

Wild. Wacky. Wonderful!

What an incredible demo meeting! At 9:30 am on May 14, 28 enthusiastic people gathered in the Théâtre aux Écuries practice space and MAGIC happened. How could we have expected anything different, what with so much talent and know-how altogether in one room?

Highlights include:

  1. SAA Sapandeep Randhawa’s succinct introduction of Pierre LeBlanc … “He’s been a Toastmaster for 3 and 2/3rds of a year, yes, that is exactly 3 years and 8 months. I’d like to thank Pierre for writing his own intro.”
  2. Pierre LeBlanc, Chairperson, aka as Thor with his hammer
  3. Artem Ploujnikov, Toastmaster, taking the sport of *gavelling* to an extreme
  4. Aurore Liang’s enthusiastic Moment of Humour
  5. Anita Walter’s beautiful Interpretive Reading delivered in “children-ese”, as she described it
  6. A meticulous grammarian, Estelle Ross, who agreed to waive fines for crutch words, just that day … so watch out next time!
  7. An advanced timer, Elias Elahie, who amazingly kept up with a new “segment timing” procedure, and also delivered a brief timing report on speech intros and conclusions
  8. Jy Nanda’s humorous speech “To Rent or to Marry, That is the Question”, evaluated by two of Montreal’s funniest men, Vitaly Terekhov and Sacha Pommepuy
  9. Lee Weishar’s contest speech “Follow your dreams”, evaluated according to the Judges’ Ballot by the wise Gaetane Ferland and George Kiorpelidis Jr.
  10. A very fun and creative Table Topics session led by Bonnie Mak that involved “The Three Denis’ ” and a “Hot Potato”
  11. An especially entertaining report from Rosalia Felice, GE, who was awarded the “Most Enthusiastic” ribbon
  12. A surprise door prize draw!
  13. A visit from DeerTM who recommends to all advanced Toastmasters to join Beyond Words, because “They’re just so awesome!”
  14. A super delicious post-toasties at Ho Guom, the nearby Vietnamese restaurant (17 of us!)
  15. And best of all … a most amazing crowd of fun and open-minded individuals willing to jump right in to play and learn!

Thanks to all who attended for making our demo meeting a SUCCESS!

Special thanks to Sophie Pascal, our District Public Relations Manager (PRM), for putting this fantastic compilation of the day’s antics together:

Here are some photos:

Pierre LeBlanc, Artem Ploujnikov, Deer TM & Bonnie Mak

Pierre LeBlanc, Artem Ploujnikov, Deer TM & friend, Bonnie Mak … and a “Hot Potato”!

Demo Meeting Gang

Demo Meeting Gang

Yummy post-toasties at Ho Guom


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