The meeting of April 4th, 2020

As expected, the club held its meeting on Saturday.

To sum up, our toastmaster Linda, who brilliantly embodied this role, opened the meeting with instructions to mute the sound when the speakers speak in order to reduce all noise. Since she endorses it, it must be said that the role has proven its impact.

The word of the day proposed by grammarian Marta Keller “anti fragility” challenged the members. The word is related to the pandemic we are experiencing. It reminds us that we are resilient within us. The word was used by some extremely focused people, well done!

Time keeper, Davender monitored the meeting in order. The colors of the cardboard were very visible so as not to overflow in time.

The speakers: Katy, Marna and Nathalie presented speeches related to the new situation that we are experiencing worldwide and those to different degrees: anxiety, etc.

Speech evaluators: GaƩtane, Shiva and Epitace transmitted relevant points so that the speakers would know what was done well and improve their strengths.

For the speech content evaluators: Rosina and Trudi also raised constructive comments which will help to integrate the positive points to put them into practice for the next time. Valuable advice from our member Bonnie Mak, including the role of a voice coach and how to move in front of a camera.

In the role of G.E Francis, reviewed the agenda well. His comments helped our distinguished guests also participated in the round robin reviews.

From our guests, wise advice was delivered by Frederic Maurette to prevent the Zoom meeting from being hacked. There were also words of appreciation from the meeting. Thinking of coming back to visit us: Todd Gatien, Alex from the WOW club, and Priscilla.

The meeting ended with the presentation of the Excellence Award awarded to Marna Murray!

I say that Beyond Words club is anti-fragile, it shows that with 20 participants gathered on a Saturday morning, the members have a common goal in Covid period, let’s stay united!

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