The Division G contest

What a weekend!

The Divisions F, G, H and I contest were held this weekend. Again Toastmasters continues to adjust to the pandemic situation which is forcing the world to find alternatives to continue operating. And that’s what the 120 virtual participants who attended the G Division contest did! Well done!

The contest was no exception! Our members have all performed. Special thanks to the trio, Tanya, Kimberly and Amy, as well as to District 61 Director, Ronald Servant for helping to organize such an event. A success!

It is true that some contestant withdrew at the last minute for lack of being able to have a real audience and hear resounding applause, see faces, hear noises, etc. For others it was the problem of managing technical equipment  bring a microphone, headset (earphones), others still fear being in front of a camera.

Fortunately, this was not the case for our contestants Hélène Vincent and Aamir Shamim. They took up this challenge with bravery! In fact Hélène won first place in the French Table Topics contest! How ease it is to respond and structure thought in such a short time.

Hélène Vincent

For Aamir he delivered a good speech despite the advice of the judges. We wish him good luck for next year and full of creativity

Now let’s see the positions in the other categories;

Improvisation – Français 1st – Hélène Vincent     Discours  – Français     1st- Daniel Gélinas

English Table Topics   1st- Gregory Fine    International Speech Contest   1st- Sabrya Carim

With all these beautiful people and especially these participants, the G Division has something to be proud of. Her club Beyond Words encourages it and goes with her to the next level of contest, District!

Here is the question to which Hélène answered brilliantly and won this contest: “Describe the most beautiful experience you have had”  Imagine what you would have answered, you!

I arrived at the end of this summary of the Division contest but the best would have been that you are sitting in the front row, the contest was not filmed.

See you at the district contest in April, next month, I’m waiting for you!

Toastmasters, where leaders emerge!

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