Past Members

David Galipeau, ACB

david-galipeauEnergetic, passionate, and confident communicator. I joined Toastmasters in June 2016 and found it was a very powerful organization to meet all my social and communication needs. This advanced club is a great environment for everyone who wants to get their skills up to the next level.

2017 – 1st place, Table Topics Speech Contest, Area 71
2016 – 1st place, Humorous Speech Contest, Area 71

Frank Piazza, CL

Frank holds a master degree in procrastination, but that stopped when he joined the St-Léonard Toastmasters club on December 2016. He has done voluntary work for a number of fundraising organizations. Toastmasters helped him get out the box, and feel more confident in public speaking. He joined Beyond Words, so that he can advance, and at the same time help members of the club in any way he can.

Giridhar Raghunathan, CC


Giridhar joined Toastmasters in September 2014 and is the past VP PR of Quality Speakers FSA ULaval Toastmasters in Quebec City. Having moved to Montreal in September 2016, he is happy to have found new clubs where he can continue his Toastmasters journey. He has a MEng in Medical Nanotechnology and is currently doing a MSc in Clinical and Biomedical Sciences. He describes his profession as *Graduate student* and *Bharathanatyam performer* (Indian traditional dance). When he is not studying, dancing, or Toastmastering, he enjoys traveling, reading fiction, and watching movies.

Also a member of:
Concordia Toastmasters (Montreal, QC)

2015 – 2nd place, Evaluation Speech Contest, Division A
2015 – 2nd place, International Speech Contest, Division A

Jeff Pedersen, ACB, ALB
Past Area 54 Director, Division F, 2016-2017

Veteran Toastmaster, Jeff started with district 21. He enjoys fellow clubs, as area director 2x, liaisons districts and international headquarters. He is working on HPL as ALS and ACS to DTM by June 2019. Willed he achieves accredited speaker designation to compliment ambassador and consultation careers, in 2020 Paris. Professionally facilitated Paris Accord of atmospheric sciences, established sustainable development goals 2030, assured declaration of indigenous rights. His purpose manages earths’ health to host endangered Homo sapiens. Jeff continues to explore wilderness environments, assist others, countries and organization collaborate meaningful direction with respected comprehension as devoted learner of adventure.

Also a member of:
La Voix du Suroît Toastmasters Club (L’Île-Perrot, QC), Club Coach
Beaconsfield Toastmasters Club (Beaconsfield, QC)

Jin Priscilla Li

An adventurous, action-oriented person, but meanwhile a procrastinator. I joined Toastmasters in September 2017. I am glad that I attended Toastmasters meetings immediately after I found out it exists. Up until now, Toastmasters has been a great journey for me; I am not only improving communication and leadership skills, but also living a happier life, making friends and a family here!

Also a member of:
Dorval City Toastmasters (Dorval, QC)

Marie-Chantal Côté, ACG, ALB, Triple Crown
Past Area 71 Director, Division H, 2015-2016

mc-coteMy interest in leadership and communication started long before I joined Toastmasters. I followed the LMI (Leadership Manage

ment International) program, and took courses in Communication and Leadership for Women. Toastmasters helped me to put everything I learnt in place and in practice. Outside Toastmasters, I am interested in politics and foreign languages.

My favourite quote: “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy

Also a member of:
Club Toastmasters Le Maskoutain (St-Hyacinthe, QC)

2016 – 1st place, Evaluation Speech Contest, Area 71
2016 – 2ième place, Concours d’évaluations, Secteur 71
2015 – 2ième place, Concours d’improvisations, Secteur 74

Pierre LeBlanc, ACS, ALB, Triple Crown
Past Division F Director, District 61, 2015-2016
Past Area 54 Governor, Division F, 2014-2015


With over 15 years of IT experience, Pierre has worked with many types of businesses, from startups to multinationals. As an entrepreneur from 2003 to 2007, he developed his leadership, business development, and teaching skills. Always on the lookout for learning opportunities, Pierre is a proud member of Toastmasters where he can practice his public speaking skills and continue to develop his leadership skills.

Also a member of:
Club Toastmasters Ville Marie (Montreal, QC)

2016 – 1st place, Humorous Speech Contest, Area 54
2013 – 3rd place, Table Topics Speech Contest, Area 54
2013 – 3ième place, Concours d’improvisations, Secteur 54

Rick Chandler, CTM
Multi-Time District Champion


Joined Toastmasters in April 1994 and has been a member of clubs across the US and now Canada. Credits Toastmasters with drastically improving his career and meeting dozens of amazing people. Loves to compete and has won District level competitions in Districts 22, 66, and 61. Has also gotten his ass kicked in

Districts 22, 66, 33, 52, 37, and 61.

Also a member of:
Masters Club (Overland Park, Kansas)

Lee’s Summit Toastmasters (Lee’s Summit, Missouri)
Freedom to Speak Toastmasters (

Lee’s Summit, Missouri)

2017 – 3rd place, Table Topics Speech Contest, District 22
2016 – 1st place, Evaluation Speech Contest, District 61
2016 – 1st place, Table Topics Speech Contest, District 61
2015 – 2nd place, Humorous Speech Contest, District 61

… and the list of wins goes on and on and on!

Roberto Di Benedetto, DTM

Chartered President and Co-founder, St-Lazare Inspirers (St-Lazare, QC)
Past Club Mentor, NDG Leader Toastmasters Club (Montreal, QC)

His keen sense of communication seeks excellence in all facets of life, as it shows when he competes to advance one speed after another in cycling–his favourite sport. A valorous, talented and caring family-man, he evaluates everything he does, and would emulate a leader who does his or her best. As a Distinguished Toastmaster, he is keen to listen to poignant points in evaluations presented by other colleagues, and appreciates those who shine in delivering their appraisal of speech. A Concordia Graduate in Finance, his enthusiasm and love for his Finance profession has elevated him to be one of the Company’s most accomplished Directors.

Rosa Pasquantonio, CC, CL

I joined Toastmasters in January 2017 and haven’t looked back. I thrive on the support and camaraderie. It has already propelled me towards a very exciting direction in my career. I have worked in dentistry since 1980 and presently work for TGO Orthodontics where I lead a wonderful team. I aspire to give presentations in my field.  Toastmasters has already set me on my path …

Also a member of:
St-Leonard Toastmasters (Montreal, QC), President

2018 – 2nd place, International Speech Contest, Division G
2018 – 3rd place, Table Topics Speech Contest, Division G
2017 – 1st place, Table Topics Speech Contest, Area 62

Sapandeep Randhawa, ACB, ALB


Sapandeep is a confident speaker who lives by the quote “Satisfaction is death.” He is always striving hard to expand his comfort zone because magic happens beyond one’s limits. He has skipped classes while working on his MEng to attend regular Toastmasters meetings. Sapandeep has also served as McGill Toastmaster’s VP Education and VP Leadership. He once got caught saying that he succeeded in a few job interviews because of Toastmasters. He believes Toastmasters not only teaches a handful of personality skills, but also LIFE-CHANGING SKILLS. Besides public speaking, he likes reading and watching his favourite soccer team Chelsea play on the weekends. Sometimes, few and far between, he likes to kick his friends’ asses in the FIFA PS game.

Also a member of:
Golden Mile Toastmasters (Montreal, QC)

Sarah Hyams, CC

I initially learned about Toastmasters through my brother who was a member of a corporate club. My Toastmasters journey began in 2012 when I enrolled as a member of the McGill Toastmasters Club. The interesting array of individuals I met and their speeches, initially reeled me in. Besides the networking value, I realized that the organization was one in which an individual could progress as a speech writer and speaker on the podium. Furthermore, I honed my leadership skills when I took on two executive roles. That experience led me to confidently assume different leadership roles in one of the professional affiliated organizations I belong to. Toastmasters will continue to cultivate various facets of my evolution.

2015 – 1st place, Best Club Newsletter, District 61, Divisions F-G-H-I

Tim Halderson, DTM
Past District 61 Logistics Manager 2015-2017
Past Division D Governor, District 61, 2014-2015
Past Area 33 Governor, Division D, 2013-2015

Toastmasters helps me to be a more confident and effective speaker and leader in my club, as well as in my community service club, and as a Blood Donor Clinic Coordinator for the Canadian Blood Services. I love to golf, especially with my grandson, Adam, who turns 5 on March 26th, 2018. Currently aiming to become a more capable and confident Table Topics speaker!

Also Co-founder & Charter Member of:
Toastmasters Les Voyageurs de/of Clarence-Rockland (Rockland, ON)

2012 – 3rd place, Humorous Speech Contest, Area 33