Meeting #096 – Club Elections

Thank you to the guests who joined this superb # 95 meeting at Beyond Words! They left, “a smile blossoming on their face” to borrow the word of the day –Blossoming, from grammarian Trudi.

Guests and members left a smile blossoming on their face. In summary, the club elected a new executive team. To get this presentation in order: Katy Morin, the club president set the tone, taking on her own role. Names of new officers:

President – Davender Gupta

VPE – Gabriel Duguay

VP Membership – Michel St-Germain

Secretary Trudi Yearwood

Treasurer – Shivashree Vysali

Congratulations to the future leaders who will take on their role on July 1st!

The meeting continued with “Effective Communication” workshop of the Success Communication and Leadership Series manual presented by our new member Michel St-Germain. A delight for the participants. Members learned how to make a Break Out Room – an asset in the TM world for contest, training, etc.

At the end of the workshop, the members present were entitled to a certificate of participation.

Shiva was the Toastmaster of the meeting. She was present and reactive to what was happening.

I presented the Toast by welcoming the positive side of the pandemic – example without it, I would not have known the Zoom platform or its tools.

The club saw a former member come back with them, Artem Ploujnikov, welcome again!

See you at the next meeting!

Register for our next meeting here

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