Meeting #088 – A new Member

I had the pleasure of being Chairperson for this fun meeting. We had a long business session. Nathalie Lucas, VP Membership inducted our newest member, our Area Director Sonia Gaona.

Nathalie Lucas our VP Membership, Sonia Gaona our Area Director and new member and Katy Morin the President of the club

Just after, we had an election for the role of VP Education and VP Public Relations.

I am happy to welcome in our team, Gabriel Duguay, Area 62 Director as VP Education and Sonia Gaona as VP Public Relations.

DTM Bonnie Mak did a great speech about the law of attraction.

Our special guest Kimberly Dueck, Program Quality Director, did a speech about her experience serving as an officer in the District.

Farzaneh Babazadeh who is a member of Mcgill Toastmasters, visited Beyond Words for the first time and took the role of Grammarian.

Farzaneh Babazadeh, our Grammarian for the day

Marta Keller took the role of Toastmaster last minute and did a wonderful job.

DTM Davender Gupta evaluated Bonnie’s speech.

Davender evaluating Bonnie speech.

Another guest, Allan Osborne visited the club for the first time and took the role of Advanced Timer.

Allan Osborne as Advanced Timer

Trudi commenting on the quality of the table topics.

Sonia Gaona, our newest member led a sensational Think Fast session. She even won the Award of Excellence.

Sonia won the Award of Excellence

These four ladies are participating in the organization of the 2020 Conference who will be on April 17-19 at the Queen Elizabeth.

Kimberly Dueck, Marta Keller, Katy Morin, Sonia Gaona


After this non-adventitious meeting, we went for Post-Toasties.


Our next meeting will be on February 22nd. I hope to see you there!

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