Meeting #085 – Christmas Potluck

There was so much Brouhaha at our last meeting.

The meeting was Chair by DTM Gaétane Ferland with enthusiasm.

Francis Rounding was our Toastmaster. We heard a great speech by Trudi Yearwood.

DTM Bonnie Mak led a fun Think Fast Session, 6 members divided in two teams had to answers Bonnie’s questions.

Bonnie explaining the rules of the Think Fast Session, with the first team, Egidio, Martha and Francis.

The second team, Gaétane, Frank and Shivashree.

Our guest Egidio answering a question.

Frank Vigliotti, our Sergeant-At-Arms, dressed to impress as Santa for our special meeting.

Martha, an experienced member is always ready to answer a table topic question.

DTM Aamir Chamim Choudry participating in the Think Fast Session.

Shivashree Vysali answering her question with a smile.

We finished the meeting early to enjoy the great food prepared by each member.

Our next meeting will be on January 11. See you there!

Happy Holidays!

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