Meeting #077 – A time for celebration!

Another brilliant Saturday morning, Another fantastic meeting at Beyond Words!
This week, we had a lot to celebrate as a club. We were back at our regular meeting place, some of our members back from summer hiatus, we spread the Beyond Words magic to more people and above all, our members are flourishing- We have a new DTM in the house! Congratulations to our VP-Membership Ivan Mose on this  achievement!

Congratulations to the newest DTM in the house ! DTM Ivan Mose being recognized by our president TM Katy Morin.

Alright, back to the meeting! The chairperson for the meeting was Hélène Vincent who started the meeting and introduced the head table. Then, DTM Gaetane Ferland, who was the toastmaster of the day took over, to run the educational session.

Clockwise from top: Chairperson Helene Vincent, Toastmaster Gaetane Ferland, Intepretative Reading by Ivan Mose and Moment of Humor by Frank Vigliotti

We had two prepared speeches:

  1. DTM Bonnie Mak presented a speech titled “How I joined Toastmasters?” for CC2-Organize your speech. She spoke about how she had the opportunity to join Toastmasters throughout a span of many years and when she finally decided to take the plunge. We are all glad that Bonnie decided to join Toastmasters, because Bonnie is the charter president of Beyond Words Advanced Toastmasters! 
  2.  Katy Morin presented a speech titled “The power of Motivation” as part of the project 4 for the Motivational Strategies path. She spoke about her research into different motivating strategies (Did you know a that a Google search reveals Monetary Rewards or Fear as the top motivation strategies?) and recounted her experience of getting together leaders from two different clubs to coordinate a joint meeting. 

Following the speeches, the THINK FAST! session was lead by DTM Bonnie Mak, who had the speakers put either an Inspirational or a Humorous take on a given topic. The audience got to be the judge and jury, as they provided feedback through flash cards.

From left to right: DTM Bonnie explaining rules of the THINK FAST!, our speakers Juan, Rim and Antoine, Audience providing feedback with flash cards

The Coaching session was led by the General Evaluator, Shivashree Vysali. We had critical and detailed evaluations from our evaluators – Francis Rounding, Juan Gonzalez, TM Gaetane and Shivashree. We also heard the report from the advanced Timer Frank Vigliotti.

Chairperson Helene presents Award of Excellence to Bonnie

The meeting concluded with the presentation of the Award of Excellence, which was won by DTM Bonnie.

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