Meeting #075 – July 13, 2019

After a bit of a snooze (more like an extended hibernation!), we are back to fondly reminiscing our meetings again!

We had the first meeting of the new Toastmasters year and it was a complete blast. Meeting at a temporary venue, everyone had to climb 47 stairs to reach the meeting room, but that did not stop us from bringing all the energy to the meeting right from the start.

The ever enthusiastic Bonnie and a highly focused Shiva

Shivashree Vysali spear-headed the meeting as the chairperson, for the very first time.
Boyan Djefersky was the Advanced Grammarian and the word of the day was “Hullabaloo”. Needless to say, our members enthusiastically created a hullabaloo at every opportunity.

Our fabulous president, Katy Morin was the Toastmaster and she did a great job of introducing the speakers:

  1. Gaetane Ferland , “Creative Recycling” , spoke about how she recycled the fur from her cat into various pieces of clothing. With this speech, Gaetane completed the first level in the Dynamic Leadership path. Congratulations, Gaetane!
  2. Marta Keller , “Vision, Mission & Values “, spoke about the vision for her High Performance Leadership project. For her project, Marta is organizing Quebec’s first Pathways Accelerator. She outlined her three part vision and convinced us that we would be able to complete 80% of the first level of Pathways at the accelerator. Good luck, Marta!

Gaetane displaying her cat fur art

Ever wondered how your impromptu speaking skills will help in an everyday situation? The Topicsmaster, Gabriel Duguay, put our skills to test in the THINK FAST! session. The speakers had to take on the role of a customer service executive trying to placate an angry customer. From getting the angry customer to accept a docile rat instead of an angry hedgehog (Boyan) to offering a plastic bag for a discounted price of 50$(Guest Vinay), our speakers did a fantastic job of handling various situations. It was a hilarious session indeed.

The Coaching session was led by Bonnie Mak. The evaluators Shiva, Katy, Aamir and Epitace provided detailed and clear evaluation to our speakers. Everyone present, including the guests, contributed to a fruitful round robin evaluation.

Epitace evaluating Gaetane’s content

Round Robin in progress!

Boyan talking about all the hullabaloo

Shiva receiving the award of excellence from Katy

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