Meeting #021 – March 25, 2017

RICK CHANDLER, District 61 champion and Beyond Words member extraordinaire, is in the house! Great to have him back from Kansas, especially as Toastmaster.

An exciting day of speeches …

  • Bonnie Mak – CC5, Humerus not Humorous

And when a speaker cancels last minute … challenge our guests to speak! Great idea, Rick!

  • Frank Vigliotti – improv speech, 5-7 min.
  • Roberto Di Benedetto – improv speech, 5-7 min.

Fun THINK FAST! Session with challenging Table Topics questions, led by Geoff Brown, and an astute GE session led by Rosalia Felice with her fabulous team of evaluators.

Most Enthusiastic was Roberto Di Benedetto.

Rick Chandler, Toastmaster

Frank Vigliotti, Speaker #2

An attentive audience

Roberto Di Benedetto, Speaker #3

Artem Ploujnikov, Delivery Evaluator for Roberto’s speech

Rosalia Felice, General Evaluator

Round-robin evaluation

Bonnie Mak, Chairperson, & Roberto Di Benedetto, Most Enthusiastic


About Bonnie Mak

President, Beyond Words. All-round groovy girl ... just a tad impetuous, more than a little zany! I joined Toastmasters in February 2013 and it's been quite the exciting ride ...
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