Meeting #013 – November 19, 2016

Another fun meeting which started out with our Chairperson, Marie-Chantal Côté, introducing a first for the club … a wonderful Moment of SLAM POETRY! Thanks, Dumindra Kandana Arachchige for your beautiful words.

Rick Chandler, our Toastmaster, led an exciting educational session which started with the following speakers:

  • Bonnie Mak – Professional Speaker #2, Speaking to Entertain – “Miss Mika & the Egg” … a very funny and entertaining PowerPoint presentation of her very much-loved kitties … no, Bonnie is not a Crazy Cat Lady … yet
  • Giridhar Raghunathan – Storytelling # 2: Let’s Get Personal – “To Dance with Passion” … and dance passionately he did, indeed!

Pierre LeBlanc, then brought us into a challenging THINK FAST! Session and made us use our emotions in our responses. Looking forward to this exercise coming back!

Great speech evaluations by Rick Chandler, Geoff Brown, and Samuel Laplante, followed by an on-point round-robin for each speaker led by our enthusiastic GE, Artem Ploujnikov. Then onto a thorough report by our Grammarian, Epitace Nobera. Filling up the piggy bank with fines for using crutch words is a difficult task, since we’re advanced speakers! Jeff Pedersen, our Advanced Timer, topped up the Coaching Session with a helpful timing report.

All in all, another amusing session … Most Enthusiastic went to Giridhar Raghunathan, no surprise there. Thanks Giri for such a fun dance demo!

Congratulations to:

  • Gaétane Ferland, for attaining her DTM
  • Bonnie Mak, (and her assistants, Artem Ploujnikov and Tim Halderson), for her workshop “Think Faster! Table Topics with a Twist” presented at the District 61 Fall Conference
  • Rick Chandler, for WINNING the Evaluation Speech Contest at the District 61 Fall Conference

Rick Chandler, Toastmaster

Giridhar Raghunathan, “To Dance with Passion”

Geoff Brown, Content Evaluator for Giridhar’s speech

An amused yet busy audience … (L to R) Giridhar Ragunathan, Dumindra Kandana Arachchige, Rick Chandler, Jeff Pedersen, and Epitace Nobera

Artem Ploujnikov, GE, and Epitace Nobera, Grammarian

We are Beyond Words, woohoo!

About Bonnie Mak

President, Beyond Words. All-round groovy girl ... just a tad impetuous, more than a little zany! I joined Toastmasters in February 2013 and it's been quite the exciting ride ...
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