Meeting #007 – August 27, 2016

Our Chairperson, Aziz Saud, said it best … “It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality!” And definitely, Beyond Words has quality in spades … in the members, the visitors, the program, the speeches, the evaluations, and in our creativity.

Wonderful speeches by:

David Galipeau – Entertaining Speaker #4 – “Debate Your Nightmare”

Artem Ploujnikov –¬†Technical Presentation #4 – “Catching Things That Aren’t Real” (including Pok√©mon!)

RoseLyn Small then led a thought-provoking THINK FAST! Session, “The Power of …” that started with a beautiful and poignant intro. Rick Chandler started with “The Power of Laughter” and I concluded with “The Power of Forgiveness.”

Most Enthusiastic went to RoseLyn and Aziz, they were just awesome.

Looking forward to our next meeting, Beyond Words has something lined up!

Aziz Saud, Chairperson Extraordinaire

Aziz Saud, Chairperson Extraordinaire

Rick Chandler, "The Power of Laughter"

RoseLyn Small, Topicsmaster and Rick Chandler, “The Power of Laughter”

Toastmaster peeps listening intently to Pierre LeBlanc's Advanced Timer Report

Toastmaster peeps listening intently to Pierre LeBlanc’s Advanced Timer Report

RoseLyn and Aziz, "Most Enthusiastic", you can't get more enthusiastic than this!

RoseLyn and Aziz, Most Enthusiastic, you can’t get more enthusiastic than this!

Group shot after a great meeting!

Group shot after a great meeting!

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