Meeting #005 – July 30, 2016

Meeting #005 was a speech bonanza! What fun, it was our own “Festival Just for Laughs!” with an amazingly diverse *United Nations* audience. I love how inclusive Toastmasters is!

A little something about our club …

In-depth speech evaluations are the signature of an advanced Toastmasters club. Each speaker has two speech evaluators, content and delivery, and also a round-robin, where all attendees can give their comments. As well, at Beyond Words, a speaker must meet his speech objectives to obtain credit for his speech project. The evaluators decide!

Our wonderful speakers were:

  • David Galipeau – CC10 – “Change Your Life” … woohoo, he completed his CC, and then he joined our club the same day!
  • Ganesh Santhar – Humorously Speaking #1 – “Socially Challenged”
  • Sarah Lerner – Humorously Speaking #2 – “A Day in the Life of Stewey”
  • Alireza Azizkhani – Humorously Speaking #2 – “Change Your Words, Change Your World”

All but Alireza met their speech objectives, but he’ll continue working on this speech to attain the project objectives or as a contest speech.

Most Enthusiastic went to Alireza!

Here’s our meeting in pics, what awesome Toastmasters:

Majeda Haidar, Toastmaster

Majeda Haidar, Toastmaster

David Galipeau, "Change Your Life" - Congrats on finishing your CC!

David Galipeau, “Change Your Life” – Congrats on finishing your CC!

Ganesh Santhar, "Socially Challenged"

Ganesh Santhar, “Socially Challenged”, with Juan Manuel Gonzalez Galindo, his Delivery Evaluator, watching intently

A short Think Fast! break with Artem Ploujnikov ... he just loves that gavel!

A short THINK FAST! session with  Artem Ploujnikov,  Topicsmaster … bang that gavel! 🙂

Myriam Azzi, Delivery Evaluator for David Galipeau

Myriam Azzi, Delivery Evaluator for David Galipeau

A captive audience ... Davender Gupta (GE), David Galipeau, RoseLyn Small (grammarian) & Shaheen Junaid

A captive audience !!

Shaheen Junaid, Delivery Evaluator for Sarah Lerner

Shaheen Junaid, Delivery Evaluator for Sarah Lerner

Most Enthusiastic, Alireza Azizkhani ... sorry for the fuzzy pic

Most Enthusiastic, Alireza Azizkhani (sorry for the fuzzy pic)


Artem Plouinikov (Topicsmaster), Majeda Haidar (Toastmaster), Bonnie Mak (Chairperson) & Davender Gupta (General Evaluator)

Group shot, thanks RoseLyn for taking the pic, and thank you everyone for making this such a FUN meeting!

What a fantastic group of Toastmasters! Thanks RoseLyn for taking the pic, and thank you everyone for making this such a FUN meeting, see you again soon!


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President, Beyond Words. All-round groovy girl ... just a tad impetuous, more than a little zany! I joined Toastmasters in February 2013 and it's been quite the exciting ride ...
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2 Responses to Meeting #005 – July 30, 2016

  1. Shaheen says:

    Thank you for a FUN meeting Mme. Chair. It was a wonderful experience although it is FAR for me to come, I shall certainly try again.
    Go “Beyond Words” Toastmasters…. You ROCK

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