Let’s get intimate! – Meeting #004 – July 16, 2016

What an exciting meeting! This special event held at the President’s home was designed to get to know each other better … and get to know each other better we did!

We enjoyed a scrumptious frittata, bagels and cream cheese, fresh fruit, and coffee and tea before and during the meeting. What a treat!

Rick Chandler, a 22-year Toastmaster veteran and the 2016 Table Topics District Contest winner, delighted us with an informative and entertaining keynote speech, “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been.” Talk about being a prepared Toastmaster … Rick had handouts – a Top Ten Lessons list “Getting the Most from Your Toastmasters Experience” AND an in-depth evaluation checklist (please email us if you’d like a copy). Go Rick Go!

Following was a fun THINK FAST! Session that involved all of us. Talk about adding a twist to the Icebreaker! Each person revealed themselves through various questions and scenarios … but then it didn’t stop there, they also got interviewed based on their Icebreaker answers! Ganesh Santhar was hilarious!

He was given:

You are online dating. You will finally be meeting that super hot person you’ve been writing to for the past week. The date starts now.

Ganesh’s answer included: “You smell good.”

Interview question: “Why does a woman have to smell good?”

Okay, maybe you had to be there but … hahahahaha!

Most Enthusiastic ribbon went to me, Bonnie, but how could I not feel excited? Attending this intimate meeting in my home were 11 wonderful Toastmasters representing 10 different clubs, four of whom drove in from well over an hour away … what can be better than this?

This is Beyond Words Advanced Toastmasters. 🙂

Thanks to all who attended and made this special event so much fun! Looking forward to our next meeting on July 30 back in our regular venue …  we’re holding a Speech Bonanza!

Here are some photo highlights:

Rick Chandler, "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been"

Rick Chandler delivering his keynote speech, “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been”

We are all captivated by Rick’s speech!

Sarah Lerner, “I’d like to learn a few words from every language.”


Thanks Sarah for taking this fun group shot!



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President, Beyond Words. All-round groovy girl ... just a tad impetuous, more than a little zany! I joined Toastmasters in February 2013 and it's been quite the exciting ride ...
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